What My Skin DNA Test Taught Me

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You may remember that I did a post a while back where I took at HomeDNA.com genetic test to determine the genetic makeup of my skin and what I should be doing to combat aging to keep my skin looking its best. I’ll be honest; I’d almost forgotten I’d done the test, since it takes about a month to get the results. But once I got them, it was really pretty cool to see their assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of my skin!

Here’s the rundown and what I decided to do about it:

My Gene Profile came back in the Optimal category, which means I carry few of the gene variations associated with glucose-related fine lines and wrinkles. (Woohoo!!!)

My Sun Protection profile wasn’t quite as good, but fell in the standard range. This didn’t surprise me, as I am naturally very fair and had my share of terrible sun burns. The recommendation was to consider using preventative antioxidants such as vitamins C or E, so I sought out Revision Skincare Vitamin C 30%  (not pictured,) because the reviews about it were verrrry convincing! I also added the Revision DEJ eye cream to keep those lines caused by the sun at bay.

My Skin Sensitivity profile fell into both the standard range AND the optimal range. My skin sensitivity overall is pretty standard, but it’s optimal when it comes to fragrance sensitivity. I still like to be gentle to my skin, so I have L’Oréal makeup in my cosmetic rotation because it stays put all day and doesn’t irritate my skin. They have some gorgeous Colour Riche eye colors for fall that are my favorite neutrals right now: Matte It Up + Mix and Matte. I also love the Infallible Pro Glow Longwear Powder and Concealer combo! They aren’t cakey, I don’t look shiny (even though the powder has a beautiful glow highlighter,) and the coverage is medium. The concealer hides my dark circles without settling into my lines or looking greasy. And their Infallible Pro Matte Liquid Lipstick in Milk and Cookies is all kinds of fall fabulousness! It’s a pinky-brown and looks super sexy matte or topped with a shiny gloss. You NEED this lip color. (It stays on through lunch!)

My Pigmentation profile also landed me in the optimal and standard range. Optimal for tanning, standard for freckling. (Duh…I’m a redhead, so freckles are unavoidable.) Here is where it gets interesting– they recommended products with these ingredients: Vitamin C, Niacinamide (vitamin B3), and Kojic Acid. Not to mention they gave supplement ingredients and professional treatments I should try: Intense Pulse Light, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels and a Fraxional Laser.

My Collegen Quality profile was optimal, and the recommendation again was Vitamin C and E. But I wanted more for the lines around my neck. I went with Revision Skincare Necifirm Advanced for that area, since it’s known for all kinds of awesome extracts and acids. (And in case you’re wondering why a neck cream would cost $80, it’s because it’s the #1 neck product recommended by medical professionals. You know, the ones who know a thing or two about necks.)

Let’s skip ahead to my Skin Elasticity profile. It basically said I’m in trouble with this category. Skin needling and LED Light Therapy are recommended, as are a dizzying list of ingredients in skincare. I chose to go with the Revision Skincare Hydrating Serum to keep my skin looking smooth and not saggy. Plus, it included several of the ingredients my DNA profile recommended! I’ve been using this for several weeks, and the results are going great. I’m hoping by week 8, I will really see a dramatic difference in the hydration of my skin.

So, thanks to HomeDNA.com, I now know my genetic profile and how to prevent aging with target products, ingredients, and medical grade procedures. Pretty cool! Before I wrap this loooong post up, I also want to mention my blouse and jeans, which I just scored from SheIn. This gorgeous black blouse has a fall style written all over it. Love. (And it’s $19.) The frayed cuff denim jeans are a little high-waisted, which is awesome, and they are a meager $19 as well, which means…. my outfit basics are just $38. Pretty good deal, eh?

Happy Hump Day…see you again later this week!

Photography: S. Jackson

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