Weekend Ready + How I’m Changing My Hair for the Better

Hilary Kennedy Blog: // Red Ruffe Blouse + Striped Shorts + Hat Hilary Kennedy Blog: // Red Ruffe Blouse + Striped Shorts + Hat Hilary Kennedy Blog: // Red Ruffe Blouse + Striped Shorts + Hat     Hilary Kennedy Blog: // Red Ruffe Blouse + Striped Shorts + HatHilary Kennedy Blog: // Skinfood Miracle Food 10 Solution Cream Review

Hilary Kennedy Blog: // Skinfood Miracle Food 10 Solution Cream ReviewHilary Kennedy Blog: // Nutralfol Hair Growth Review

Hilary Kennedy Blog: // Nutrafol Hair Loss Growth ReviewHilary Kennedy Blog: // Red Ruffe Blouse + Striped Shorts + Hat

It’s FRIDAY! It’s supposed to be amazing weather here this weekend, so I’m ready to break out the shorts. I’ve actually had this navy and white pair for a long time, so I wanted to freshen them up with a new shirt. I fell in love with this SuperDry red ruffle cold shoulder version because it’s super soft and easy breezy. You can find this exact beauty right here. (Bonus fact: the shoulder straps are adjustable!)

Now, let’s talk hair. I have long hair, so it probably doesn’t look like I need much help growing it. But I do worry about hair loss and lack of volume.  I found out about Nutrafol, which is a brand of supplements that strengthens thinning hair from within for healthier, more beautiful hair and wandered if it works. I’m just beginning my journey taking Nutrafol, so I can’t tell you yet if it works for me. BUT….I did want to let you know from the get-go that I’m going to spend the next three months taking the capsules and I plan on letting you know the honest results! I will say-the reviews on Amazon and Nutrafol’s website are reeeeeallllly convincing that this product is the real deal. (And if spending this much money on a product like this makes you wary, the reviews should calm those fears.) Hair loss forums have tons of people singing the praises of this company. And knowing that there is something out there I can take each day to keep my hair looking young, full, and healthy is makes me excited.  I’ll keep you posted over the next few months, but until then, you can read about Nutrafol here.

Remember a few posts ago when I told you about the best concealer ever from SkinFood? I tried out their Miracle Food 10 Solution Cream because I’ve been hunting down a new moisturizer. This cream is another product with great reviews, and I have to agree with them! It’s soft, rich, and smells beautiful. 10 superfoods, including black tea, ginseng, and honey, are blended together to moisturize skin, prevent aging, and fight wrinkles.  This company distills the essences of healthy food to make their products, which means it’s safe and healthy…even for sensitive skin! If you’ve been wanting to try Korean skincare (it’s been trending pretty hard all year long,) this product is a good place to start. You’ll love how your skin looks and feels after using this for a week.

Hooray for the weekend…enjoy yours and don’t forget to honor the Moms in your life!

Photography: S. Jackson (my Mommy)

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