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The jumpsuit is having a moment, and it’s little surprises like this backless number by Saved Kisses that makes them so sexy. This one in particular is a dream because it’s incredibly soft and easy to wear….there’s nothing about this cute jumpsuit that feels like prison. In fact, if you don’t have one of those super fancy low-back or backless bras to wear with it, it’s still incredibly comfortable and modest without a bra. So, feel free to go au naturel if you’d like!

The Saved Kisses website where this baby came from says the Fearless Jumpsuit is “for the girl that wishes she could wear elegant pajamas”. Well, they nailed it. I decided to glam it up a little with heels and my favorite Leonardo D’Almagro jewelry, but you can see on their site how they pair it with a sporty bra….like you would wear if you were going to a yoga party! It’s $198, so it’s not inexpensive, but when you realize their products are made 100% in the USA, no animals were captured and killed, no cheap labor was purchased, and no harsh chemicals or dyes were used, and all packaging is produced from recycled materials, you feel great supporting a company that cares. Plus, this jumpsuit is fab-u-lous!

I mentioned my Leonardo D’Almagro jewelry, and this is the third post in a row where I’ve been wearing it. There is a reason for that; I LOVE it. This jewelry line is the only one I wear with virtually everything: work outfits, casual clothes, church, weddings, showers, watching UFC fights…all of it. I wore my fanciest pieces with this jumpsuit: the London Blue Topaz Bypass Ring ($80), The Oval London Blue Topaz Pendant ($80), and the Geometric Design Cuff ($50). This jewelry looks even better in person than it does in these photos…and I think it looks pretty darn amazing in these photos. And can you believe the prices on these pieces?!? These aren’t trendy pieces, these are pieces you will wear decade after decade. For the price, you can’t find anything lovelier than these! I mentioned this in my last post, but Leonardo D’Almagro bakes a lacquer finish that protects metal from turning or tarnishing. (Awesome for those of us who hate jewelry that turns on us with a great passion.)

I’ve covered wardrobe, jewelry…now, it’s on to beauty. I’ve never had a Burberry cosmetic product, though I’m an avid wearer of Burberry scarves every winter. These gorgeous and rich Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet colors drew me in, and I had to give them a go. Liquid lipsticks are among my very favorite products, but I am wary of buying new ones unless I know they won’t dry my lips out. After reading reviews of the Liquid Lip Velvet lip colors, I was persuaded. The reviews were right! It’s creamy, soft matte color that doesn’t crack half-way through the day. It stays put for hours and your lips still feel soft when it’s time to take it off. All the colors are gorgeous, but I fell hard for Fawn No. 05. It’s a natural color with a hint of peachy pink. I also love that you can wear any of the darker colors, like Oxblood No. 53 and add Fawn No. 05 to the center of your lip for an ombré look. At only $34, these feel like a serious luxury without breaking the bank.

I’m a few weeks away from vacation, and I can’t wait! I think every single item in this post will be coming with me.

Photography: S. Jackson

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