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Hilary Kennedy Blog: // Red Sweater + Black Hat + Tiger's Eye Necklace Hilary Kennedy Blog: // Red Sweater + Black Hat + Tiger's Eye NecklaceHilary Kennedy Blog: // Red Sweater + Black Hat + Tiger's Eye Necklace Hilary Kennedy Blog: // Red Sweater + Black Hat + Tiger's Eye Necklace Hilary Kennedy Blog: // Aveda Shampure Review Hilary Kennedy Blog: // Aveda Shampure Review Hilary Kennedy Blog: // Ona Chan Tiger's Eye Necklace  Hilary Kennedy Blog: // Immunocologie Vital Clay ReviewHilary Kennedy Blog: // Immunocologie Vital Clay Review

Fall is all about the details….layering gives you more opportunities to play around with what you wear. Since I live in Texas and it rarely gets cold enough to layer regularly, I have fun layering accessories instead. And let me be honest about my abilities: I’m no creative mind when it comes to putting together outfits. I like simple, easy, and when it’s possible, super comfortable. And that’s why I wanted to share this outfit.

I put this together to wear over Thanksgiving, because I thought the tomato red Trina Turk sweater would look pretty in family photos. I like the cold shoulder look to it, and it’s stretchy, which equals comfortable. I threw on my favorite Brooklyn Hat Company wool hat with the cutest feather detail on it, and my brand new (and sooo pretty I can’t stand it,) Ona Chan round cut natural Tiger’s Eye gold necklace. Isn’t is eye catching?! People from Bhutan believe Tiger’s Eye is a protective stone for traveling, enhances willpower, self-confidence. It is said to bring luck and prosperity in money and helps the wearing to see clearly. No matter what you believe, this necklace is a stunner. And it’s adjustable, so you can wear it long or short. (Don’t you love that?)  I carried my Vash Bags clutch and my Louboutin print shoes, and done!

And though I’m sporting a hat in these photos, I want to share a little secret. Most of you know I have a loyalty to Aveda that is undying. I LOVE Aveda products. And the Shampure line is my secret for having hair that can go FOUR days without having to be washed. Okay, that may not sound appealing. But I learned that over-washing my hair was drying it out and splitting the ends. Using Shampure gets my hair so super clean that it doesn’t get dirty as quickly, even when I add hairspray or texturizer. And the Shumpure Composition Oil is great because you can moisturize a dry winter scalp, moisturize your body, or use it as a luxurious bath oil to soak in. But, I digress. The Shampure Shampoo and Conditioner have the most amazing fragrance, and they keep my hair from being frizzy and frayed. Oh, and the Pure-Fume Mist? It’s the Shampure scent that you can layer over your lotions, body creams, body wash, or even spray in your hair to make it smell heavenly. (Which is basically a necessity by day #4 of unwashed hair!)

The last thing I want to share is a new product I tried out for the first time. Have you heard of Immunocologie? If you have, you may have seen their products on QVC. Well, I tried out the Vital Clay Spot Treatment because I’ve been going through a detox regimen and my skin has been NUTS. It’s been quite embarrassing, actually. The reviews of Immunocologie’s Vital Clay Spot Treatment ($40) sparked my interest, and I requested a chance to try it out. It draws out problem areas, reduces the redness you see with blemishes, and helps cut down on the inflammation. It’s one of those little pots you want to have stashed in your drawer for emergency breakouts because you know it will do the job! It’s a lifesaver if you have family photos or a big presentation coming up and can’t show up looking like Rudolf. This one (effective,) product makes me want to try more of Immunocolgie’s goodies!

I’ll be back for one more post this week, but Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings to you and yours.

Photography: S. Jackson


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