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Hilary Kennedy Blog: // Ghostek NRGtab Review  Hilary Kennedy Blog: // Ghostek NRGtab Review  Hilary Kennedy Blog: // Ghostek NRGtab Review Hilary Kennedy Blog: // Ghostek NRGtab ReviewHilary Kennedy Blog: // Ghostek NRGtab Review Hilary Kennedy Blog: // Ghostek NRGtab ReviewHilary Kennedy Blog: // Ghostek NRGtab Review Hilary Kennedy Blog: // Ghostek NRGtab Review

One of my first world problems? Losing battery power on my iPhone 7Plus and iPad right when I need to return work emails on a long flight. Or, worse yet, when I’m on a 12 hour road trip with no way to charge my devices. It’s crazy how a dead phone or tablet battery can work your nerves. I feel incredibly lost when I’m not connected….not to mention the danger of not having access to a phone when you’re traveling alone.

Normally I post style and beauty reviews here, but today is a little different. I want to review something that is functional and downright awesome. It’s basically a charging station within a sleek crossbody bag, perfect for travel, and it’s by Ghostek. I honestly hadn’t hear of Ghostek before coming across this bag, but after scanning tons of reviews from people who own the products, I’m glad I know now. Ghostek makes cellular accessories made to protect devices and keep them waterproof, which is music to my ears; two cracked phone screens do not make a happy camper out of anyone. Want to know what you need to know before dropping $60 on this bag? Here we go:

The Good Stuff:

-The bag looks sleek and fits comfortably on your shoulder or worn as a crossbody.

-The bag will charge your devices as quickly as a wall outlet does.

-It’s water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about being caught wearing it in the rain.

-There are two extra pockets to store things like pens or documents-a zippered pocket inside and a velcro pocket outside.

-You can charge three devices at once(!)

-There is a USB port on the side of the bag for easy use when you’re on the go.

-AND there is no instruction manual. You have to scan a QR code and watch a video online, which I think is brilliant. It saves paper, an eco-friendly way to do business, which I love!

The Bad Stuff:

The only perceived negative thing I could come up with is that the bag might feel a little heavy if you’re a person who only carries a lipstick and cellphone in your purse. But it’s definitely not a heavy bag by any means….it felt completely comfortable when I was wearing it.

I can’t imagine traveling without this bag now. Just knowing I don’t have to worriedly scan an airport or a Starbucks to charge my devices is worth the price of this bag, and then some. Travel win!

Photography: S. Jackson

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