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Hilary Kennedy Blog :// Wrap Dress for Fall

Hilary Kennedy Blog :// Wrap Dress for Fall Hilary Kennedy Blog :// Wrap Dress for Fall

Hilary Kennedy Blog :// Clickless Heels Hilary Kennedy Blog :// Ona Chan Daggar Necklace Hilary Kennedy Blog :// Favorite Nerium Skincare Products Hilary Kennedy Blog :// Favorite Nerium Skincare ProductsHilary Kennedy Blog :// Wrap Dress for Fall


I’m a sucker for a cute wrap dress, so this gold and black version from Lion & Witch caught my eye the moment I walked in the door. I wore it on the show last week and several viewers asked where it came from, because I think every woman knows that a good wrap dress can accentuate all the right things. I love the gold color of this dress, so I paired it with my Ona Chan Six Daggar necklace, one of my absolute favorite gold pieces!

You may notice I posted some close-up pics of my heels in this post, and it’s because I have been trying out Clickless Heels, designed to protect heels and reduce the clacking noise of heels hitting hard surfaces. (Especially helpful if you work in a TV studio and need to be quiet walking around during segments!) You just place the durable heel protector caps on the bottom of a heel-that’s it! They come in three colors – black, brown and neutral and come in four different sizes. The are completely undetectable, which I like, and they protect my heel caps from being damaged. I had to pay to have several heel caps replaced last week, so these are now my saving grace.

And in case you’re wondering what time of year you should start working on being swimsuit ready, now is the time! Why? Well, you’re covered up, so you can work on your progress without feeling the pressure of having to wear shorts or a swimsuit right at this moment. One way I’ve started working on smoothing and tightening everything is with Nerium Firming Body Contour Cream, which is extremely hydrating and nourishing. You don’t need to use a lot of product-a little goes a long way. The body contour cream dries with no detectable fragrance. Here’s what I’ve learned from using this product: don’t expect instant results. But DO expect improvement over time….just hang in there! Skin will look firmer, fine lines will be smaller, and small areas of cellulite will be smoother.

Another Nerium product I’ve been trying is the Age-Defying Eye Serum, which (for me), WAS an instant result! I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly my eyes appeared less puffy and my eye wrinkles smoothed out. Place a little under each eye and let it absord for a minute or two without wrinking your face until it’s dry. You’ll likely be as amazed as I was…my eyes started looking like I had a full eight-hours of sleep!

That’s it for this post….see you back here in a few days….

Photography: S. Jackson


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