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Hilary Kennedy Blog: // This Month in Snaps-Jan. 2018

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while, so I wanted to share a few snaps off my iPhone with you to give you a brief glimpse into the past few weeks. 🙂

Top Left: I met Ruti, the owner of the new boutique, RUTI, that opened up in Northpark Center in Dallas. I typically wear the same kind of styles over and over, so when I saw the designs in RUTI, they took my imagination to a new place. Her styles are ready-to-wear and inspired by her Israeli roots, and I haven’t felt more comfortable fabrics! They are very different, modern, and not like anything you see in most stores today. The colors are timeless and classic, but the cut of the dresses, shirts, and pants are decidedly very modern. I highly encourage you to check out her website and her boutiques in Texas, California, and soon in Arizona and New York!

Top Right: Jeff and I spent last weekend in Kansas for his parent’s anniversary party! We had so much fun celebrating them and looking through old photos, seeing his mom’s wedding dress, and of course, eating delicious food. It’s really inspiring to look back at many decades of commitment and love two people share, and see how the ups and downs brought everyone closer. Love is most certainly a choice, and I’m so happy his parents chose each other.

Bottom Left: My sister and BIL came into town for the holidays! We ate, slept, and shopped for a full week. This photo was a silly bathroom selfie we took at the mall. The older we get, the more people think we look alike. I think she even did my makeup for me that day!

Bottom Middle: Meet the newest member of our family: Taco! He is a rescue from Dallas Pets Alive, and he’s just about the sweetest little guy you’ll ever meet. No, he isn’t my dog, but a new buddy for my Mom and her chihuahua, Margarita. He fit right in with my chihuahuas and my sister’s daschund, and everyone loves him. He is thought to be a stray, who was once adopted and brought back (by some weirdo who clearly doesn’t know the meaning of commitment), so he’s been through some rough times. He’s a loving dog who isn’t shy about sharing kisses and snuggles. Just another success story to remind you to ADOPT, DON’T SHOP!

Bottom Right: I have a wonderful friend, Chris Parke, who came to visit the USA from Australia this week. He got to visit our country last year, too, where we met for the first time after having an online friendship for many, many years. He has a successful online magazine and knows music better than anyone I know. If there is one thing I’ve learned about Australians (and New Zealanders, since that’s his original home,) is that they are polite and kind in a way that I wish more people were. I love hearing about his life there and how many things our two nations have in common, despite the distance!

It’s been a busy January so far, and we’re just getting started. I hope you have a wonderful Thursday.

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